The Caribbean Heart Menders Association was founded in 1994 with the goal of working with local and multinational agencies within our host countries to provide medical and surgical interventions to children with congenital and acquired heart diseases within the Caribbean.

In recent years, we have extended our charitable work to include Central America, where we have provided similar services to children within Panama. Since our inception, we have improved the life expectancy and quality of life for over 380 children by offering these lifesaving interventions.


Our mission is to provide medical, surgical and interventional cardiac services for children who are affected by congenital and acquired heart diseases; and to establish Centers of Excellence for Pediatric Heart Surgery within our host countries.


Help to mend little broken hearts by coordinating multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals to provide lifesaving surgical and non-surgical procedures to children affected by congenital and acquired heart diseases within our host countries.

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